Second annual Belarus Power Retail & Investment Forum

Second annual Belarus Power Retail & Investment Forum
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Europa Property's Belarus Power Retail & Investment Forum will be dedicated to the evolving investment and retail opportunities that are presenting themselves to the market in Belarus. This high-impact, half-day event, to be held in Minsk at the Minsk Marriott Hotel on September 27 2018, is now recognized as an important and valuable barometer of the real estate market in Belarus.

Increasing investment opportunities

The Republic of Belarus is a developing European country with an open economy and a lot to offer international businesses. According to the National Agency of Investment and Privatisation, over the last five years foreign direct investment flows into Belarus have increased five-fold.

“Belarus acts as a kind of bridge between the huge market of the European Union with a 450 million population and the 170-million-strong market of the Eurasian Economic Union,” the Belarus Ambassador.

In 2017 foreign investors injected $9.7 billion into Belarus' economy, according to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus. The primary investors were economic operators from Russia, the United Kingdom and Cyprus. Today Belarus is a country open to foreign investment and offers favourable business conditions.

Some of the many benefits for foreign investors include: its strategic geographical location, its direct access to ЕЕU markets (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan); well-developed infrastructure; progressive investment legislation; an attractive investment climate and favourable taxation policies; government support for investors; privatisation opportunities; six free economic zones; and a highly skilled workforce.

In the international ratings on the ease of doing business Belarus is ahead of its main economic partners like Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The country's strategic geographical position in Europe is also of great importance for investors.

Minsk, for example, has all the essential ingredients to become a major European business hub, opening up great opportunities for investment in real estate. The capital's vigorous development in the last few years is a vivid testimony to this.

The country has additional instruments to attract foreign investors: individual investment agreements concluded with the country's government, preferences for investment in small towns, six free economic zones, the Great Stone Industrial Park, and the Hi-Tech Park, are just a few examples.

The Program

Investment Panel: Why should you invest in Belarus? What sectors of the Belarus economy are open to foreign investors? What and Where are the investment opportunities in Belarus? Case studies and examples of successful investment projects in Belarus. Are the banks in Belarus reliable?

Retail Panel: Where are the tenant opportunities and locations? What new retailers are coming to Belarus? Which ones are actively seeking to expand?How attractive is the current retail development stock? What is in the pipeline, and are there enough prime locations for retailers to enter the market? Are we going to see an increase in development?

As with all EuropaProperty events the Belarus Power Retail & Investment Forum will pride itself on an unrivalled format that brings together top professionals in an environment conducive to offering the opportunity to meet and network with leading market players.

More information about Power Retail & Investment Forum

The second annual Belarus Power Retail & Investment Forum will be held on September 27 2018 in Minsk.

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